Friday, 18 March 2016

You'd Have A Happy Life If You Did The Things You Like

Lately, I've been feeling fed up.   I want the sun to shine and the temperature to rise.   I want to live somewhere where I can actually hang pictures on the walls, and freely buy pretty crockery without worrying that careless housemates will chip it all.   I want to fill a living room with plants and ornaments and fill bedrooms with fairy lights and patterned throws.   I would like to earn a bit more to enable me to do more things (without having to save up for months!), and have more time to fit them in.   I want to do more things for myself and my own well being.   I want to invest more in myself.

I don't want rude, ignorant people around me.   I don't want forced interactions.   I don't want to be taken for granted.   I don't want to be made to feel unimportant.  

I have the first week of April off work and I can't wait.   I'm booked in to be tattooed by Antony Flemming, have my hair transformed at Not Another Salon and I want to get a good amount of writing done.  

With Easter just round the corner, I'm also looking forward to a three day weekend at my Mum's house, a big, delicious roast dinner, chocolate treats and cuddles with the little scruff-dog.   There's no place like home.

Wonderlander x

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