Sunday, 22 May 2016

Teenage Dream

So, on Wednesday 18th, I nipped up to Nottingham to see Busted with my friend Sarah, and it couldn't have been a better night.  We missed the support acts (some girl we'd never heard of and Wheatus- but we only knew two songs by them, so we weren't bothered) and when we got into the venue we had a quick look at the merch stall (I bought a keyring to go with my McBusted keyring from 2014)  They were selling these £20 tins with a selection of merch in them, but some of them also had upgrade wristbands for the OMFG zone- the standing area enclosed by the stage.  I commented that you'd be pissed off if you bought one after he show and found wristbands in there, when the girl at the stall said they knew which ones they were in and they wanted to get rid of them for that reason- SO WE GOT UGRADED.

AND IT WAS THE BEST MONEY I'VE EVER SPENT. Two wristbands per tin, so it only cost us a tenner each, and it meant that instead of being sat in the back of beyond, we were mere metres from my teenage icons.  I COULD CLEARLY SEE THEM! Even with my blind eye!

I won't lie, I still listen to Busted regularly, but seeing them live 14 YEARS after I last saw them (Wembley 2004) was nothing short of magical.  Most of the photos I took are pretty blurry, as I was just too busy singing along and enjoying myself!

After the concert, Sarah and I decided to go and dance the night away at a little Nottingham club.  We got back to her house at about 4am (I never stay out that late anymore!)  Safe to say, the next day was a lazy one.  We eventually left the house at 3ish to go and have a delicious curry at Tamatanga- an Indian restaurant that I used to go to all the time when I was at Uni.  Then we had a little wander around town.  We both picked up a few things in Lush, and I made the most of my purchases later that night in my hotel room.

I stayed at the Premier Inn on my second night, as I needed to be up early to get to Derby the next morning to get tattooed.  That was the other reason I wanted to have a lovely long bath with some Lush bits and bobs, as I now can't have a bath until  my knee has healed!

I was up early to have a big breakfast, to get myself ready for being tattooed.  I've been tattooed many, many times, but always heard that the kneecap was a particularly gruesome area to have done.
It was lovely to see Vicky (Morgan) and have a good catch-up, and it didn't hurt like I was prepared for it to.  Afterwards, I met up with my friend Kayleigh, back in Notts, for a couple of drinks, then had a bit of time to kill before my train back to London (for some reason I booked a really late train when I made the booking months ago)

Now I'm back in London (ugh) and have the rest of the week off, with not much to do, and certainly no money to do anything with.  Always the way!

Wonderlander x

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