Tuesday, 1 September 2015


Change is a funny thing.  On the one hand it can keep things fresh and interesting, on the other it can be unexpected, hurtful and distressing.  Sometimes the unexpected changes are the necessary ones.  You just don't realise it at the time.

Since last I blogged a lot has changed.  My job, my house, my health, my friendships, my hair colour, the amount of illustrations adoring my skin, my age (!) and more.  Some of these changes have been conscious decisions, some less so.  Some have given me the wake-up call I needed and some have had me doubting myself.  Some have been my choice, some not.  What I'm learning is that it's about how you deal with change.  I'm still learning.

Here's me now...

Here's Jasper now (see previous post for comparison!)

Some things don't change.  I still have a weakness for a tea and cake, I still spend money on things I already have enough of (make-up/ shoes/ handbags) and I still constantly overthink many aspects of my life.
I'm not always happy, but by no means am I always sad - "A certain darkness is needed to see the stars"

I would like to dedicate this post, and indeed the resurrection of the Wonderlander blog, to a lady whose name I do not know, but who came up to me in Urban Outfitters, Oxford Circus around Christmas time, and asked straight out if I was The Wonderlander, and why I hadn't blogged in so long.  I have never been so taken aback, but you put the biggest smile on my face and I've remembered that moment ever since.  Sorry it's taken me nearly 9 months to get my arse in gear- if you're still following me, please make yourself known.

Wonderlander x

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