Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Something Good Make Me Forget About You Tonight

I want to talk to you, with you, for hours on end. Talk to me until we fall asleep. I want to wander round London or Brighton or some unknown streets, fingers entwined, looking in shop windows, taking in the lights and the buildings. We could sit in a cozy cafe and watch the people hurrying past us. We could share a milkshake in a retro Diner, like they do in old movies. We could go to exhibitions and galleries and Museums, talk about our favourite paintings. We could take photographs of each other, of things in the street that catch our eye- record our day. We could take a packed lunch and go down to the river. Or climb to the top of a hill. Throw a blanket out and soak up the sun. Or take that blanket and curl up on the sofa, my legs over yours, tangled up, cup of tea in hand.

This is what I want. We could be better than Tom and Summer. It would be nice to know someone wants the same silly things.

Wonderlander x

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